Photo of the beach in Mazatlan as Bookings to Mexico are virtually back to normal.



Only a few weeks ago there were reports and warnings to stay away from a couple of Mexican border cities where there was gang violence.



And for a while no one seemed to want to book anywhere in the entire country as though the drug war had permeated every region of the nation.



Then Bangkot protests erupted into violence and governments around the world issued ‘no go’ warnings. It was felt that it would take months if not years to see people start booking Thailand again.



Kingston Jamaica faces down its own drug lords and massive publicity drowns out much of the good promotion the country has been engaged in for years.



Even the volcanic ash from Iceland was blocking out travellers desires to book Europe for the summer.



It was all looking pretty dismal.



But as the giant mega news coverage machines moved on to the next disaster area, a calm reflection seems to have taken over the planning lobe of tourist brainpowers.



And the feedback has been, I still want to go.



While Bangkok bookings are just getting moving again, there is a sense that so long as there is not another protest formation, people will book Thailand again soon.



Jamaica seems to be carrying on without a blip as bookings virtually went through a quick dip and seem to be returning strong for the winter season.



Likewise Mexico, while some may be challenged by the publicity, most recognize the geography of the country is so huge that a problem on the border is hardly one to be concerned about in the real sunspot destinations.



I never thought we would see such a quick return but I am glad for both the sun destinations and I really hope that Thailand will see a faster recovery with each passing week and month.