I spent most of last week in Chicago at a conference.

Early in the week you could see it growing. More and more people at the conference were wearing Chicago Blackhawk hockey jerseys.

By Wednesday Jerseys from both teams were on display throughout the conference as a mini rivalry began to be formed.

Even though the conference was a national conference it was clear that Chicago Fans were the majority.

When the Hawks won the noise in the Chicago streets lasted late into the night as horns blasted down Michigan.

I was in a room on the 22nd floor and could not sleep because of the horns until afte 1AM.

By Thursday you would be hard pressed find anything with the Chicago Blackhawks name on it.

At the store in the MacCormack Place I was told the merchandise had already been sold the day before.

Look at pictures of the parade and find a person not wearing the Hawks paraphenalia…an impossible task.

So as we see retail sales dip, perhaps the solution is in sports.

We need more major events to draw people out. I can assure you the bars made a killing last week and the celebrations may continue into this week.

Chicago is a fascinating tourist destination at any time but being their during the Hawks Stanley Cup win was really a bonus.