Birds die, sealife perishes, and an entire tourism industry comes crashing down.

The BP oil spill is now within 9 miles of the Pensacola Beach, and can spread a long way along the Florida Panhandle beach areas.

After 6 weeks and several new phrases for capping oil spill entering our language lexicon, BP is no closer to a solution than the day the accident occured.

The press and others critized the BP president for making the comment he would like his life back, as he expressed sympathy for those who had died and those who are and will experience hardship as a result of the spill.

BP shares have plummeted…with share value down almost $80 billion US. BP costs for damages will come to billions more.

Unfortunately neither he or many others will get their life back to what it was. Remember the name Texico. Gone.

So could the brand BP.

But criticism of the ‘life back’ comment is ill targeted.

BP did not plan for this to happen and I have no doubts about the sincerety expressed for the loss of life, human and otherwise.

But in the end this was not a BP problem. It is an industry problem, a political challenge, and a world so hungry for the benifits oil provides that allows us to turn the other way, even after the EXXON spill, knowing that this could happen again. And quite frankly in smaller ways has been happening regularly.

There has been a lot of preaching about our dependence on oil…and we all join the choir in singing about how we must change.

Then we leave the church and get into our gas guzzlers, somehow thinking our new hybrid is really contributing because it makes us feel better about our greed being a little less than the next guys.

And now again there is a good chance this spill will sooner or later spoil the beaches of Florida…and damage the industry that gives me my living, even though tourism is also an industry which must face up to its fuel consumption hungers.

There is a lot of talk now about making BP pay. It’s a good speech Obama makes and I am sure he will follow through.

But would the same speech be made if it was an American company not BRITISH Petroleum.

This is great politics but will legislation be passed that corrects and entire industry…or do we just punish BP and carry on with our same old ways.

I have seen oil on a sandy beach. Not much of it but enough to know what a major catastrophe would look like.

It is not a pretty sight.

In addition to all the damage already done, more jobs in the tourism industry will be lost…and the oil companies will keep drilling and shipping watching out for the next big one…which will surely come.