Try looking in your own back yard.

I don’t mean a staycation as the new word for going nowhere is called. But think about it. The United States and Canada as best friends and neighbours should be crossing the 49th parallel at record pace.

And if you don’t want to cross the border take a flight to the other side of your own country. Put together a package that will serve your interests and I guarantee you, either country has the best of scenery, service, and a peaceful friendly environment.

Last week I blogged about my visit to the Voyageur Park area of Minnesota. What a great vacation spot.

In a couple of weeks I will be in Chicago, one of the great urban centres in the world..

Soon after I return from their we are on a plane to New Brunswick, an amazingly beautiful maritime province, where we will gorge ourselves on lobster and other seafood sitting by the seaside overlooking dramatic beauty.

North South East or West, we have a huge backyard to explore. And even though my life is about sending people away, I am just as happy planning a trip for you to the corners of USA or Canada as Thailand and Greece.