Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s leading airline…serving the world.

Westjet Airlines is Canada’s little airline that could.

Starting as not even a pimple on the prairies, it has slowly become the first choice for almost one half of Canadians.

A couple of years ago it began taking clients to sun destinations under its own Westjet Vacations banner.

Its big problem was it could not compete with Canada’s national airline on interline connections…those connections that allow for a reasonable priced connection to overseas airlines in a seamless luggage transfer process.

Well now Cathay and Westjet have become engaged….Kind of a long distance relationship with kissing only in the cities they can cross path in as often as possible.

This is a big breakthrough because it demostrates Westjet’s committment to future growth with partnership strategies against Air Canada alliance strengths.

My guess is that the next few months will see many other similar announcements East, West, and South.

It seems the little engine that could, really can.