Remember that rascal of public relations known as Bagdad Bob, who even as bombs were falling all around him, kept telling the world that Sadaam was in control and winning the war against the US agressors.

At the time it was pretty funny and in fact Bagdad Bob has never been heard of since.

Likewise few heard of regular flights to Bagdad either as airlines, other than military, avoided the region for the most part.

But times have change and after a 20 year absense, Lufthansa is introducing a new route between Munich and Baghdad on Sept. 30.

The Iraqi capital will get four flights weeklyfrom Frankfurt.

“Against the backdrop of the economic recovery and as foreign companies establish themselves in the country there is growing demand for flights to Iraq,” said Thomas Klühr, head of hub management Munich. “We are therefore delighted to be able for the first time to offer our customers a non-stop connection from Munich to the Iraqi capital.”

It really goes to show how economics drives transportation decisions in many parts of the world. This decision is not about you and I, tourists who want to see the country many refer to as the roots of civilization.

It is strictly about commerce, not war commerce, although that may be questioned, but about the business of sales and service, and new customers and new opportunities.

Hopefully we may visit a more peaceful nation in the not too distant future that is safe and secure for all foreign visitors.

In the meantime should you wish to book I am sure the agents at will be more than glad to help.

Somehow, other than business clientelle, I am not expecting many takers.