On Monday morning there will be an announcement that the world’s biggest airline is about to become one created by UAL and Continental Airlines.

As airlines came close to bankruptcy over the past couple of years the first solution was to cut wages of staff.

When that wasn’t enough the solution was to cut staff.

When that didn’t cut it the lastest solution is that bigger is better. Is that the case or does it go to the older expression, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

But this merger is nothing new in North America or around the world.

Delta took over Northwest. JAL is in the process of being taken over once final negotiations are finished.

And European Airlines who are in danger of collapse are in discussions with former rivals.

Will this save the industry?

Certainly there will be some synergies. But bringing two cultures together is not easy.

And it is the recession and high fuel prices that have impacted airline bottom lines.

Points will be mangled, routes will be forsaken, frequency will go down, and the executives will say that not only are these predictions wrong, but will swear the opposite is going to happen.

It’s a pile of bulldung.

airlines have been so shell shocked over the past couple of years they don’t know which side is up. They are looking for salvation from any preacher who sells a good line, and the current line is if we take two badly run companies and put them together, we will have a well run airline.

Please give us consumers a break from the B.S. at least.