Neil Young made the phrase famous in his great song about his favourite region. Mine too is in Northern Ontario only near the community of Sioux Narrows where I have a cottage, and broadcast my radio show from live every Sunday during the summer months. The bridge, above and below, is the iconic symbol for the town as it is marketed as the world’s longest single span wooden bridge. I don’t know how many others there are in the world but it is our pride.

The view below is mine for most of the summer. Through the picture window of the cottage I look at the tranquility of this section of Lake of the Woods and wonder why I travel so far and wide when I already have a paradise before me. In fact, because of our love for this place, most of our travel is during the winter or early spring and late fall months.

Sometimes at sunset huge emotions go through me as I marvel at what nature has afforded us in this country. Lake of the Woods is a huge body of water that covers dozens of towns and villages in Canada and the United States. Many of the cottage owners in Sioux Narrows are Americans who come north to escape the oppresive heat of the southern states during the summer months.

A short boatride from our cottage we will run into all kinds of birds and other wildlife. I fish a lot when I am in Sioux Narrows, but often tell people it is not the catching of fish that really keep me going back. It is the bouncing around on the boat capturing the sights of the natural wonders before me.

I spend a lot of time on the water and freqently go fishing with friends, family, or alone in the hours before sunset. The sun goes down, the wind is at a standstill, the night is a warm cool, and I am in heaven.

If you are patient and keep your eyes up you can see the most unusual of bird formations. This opportunity to catch two turkey vultures ready to take off was taken not in the idylic surroundings of the lake, but rather at the dump, otherwise dubbed as the zoo by me when I take guests there to see the bears, up to 20, feeding on garbage as they fatten themselves for their winter hibernation. It seems to happen to me out there as well.

The bald eagle may be the symbol for the American dream, even though they are hard to find in most regions of the USA. In Sioux Narrows they can be seen in abundance. While Sioux Narrows reputation is for its fishing lodges, recent years have seen a increased number of visitors who come just for the scenery and the chance to actually head on to a lake where you can find yourself completely and totally alone. I hope you have enjoyed the journey into my paradise. Feel free to make it yours as well.