Frontier Airlines has announced you can now carry your small pet with you in the aircraft cabin for an additional $75 each way.

That, to some, is a fair bit of cash for space that is unused for the most part anyway.

Frontier’s move follows that of another low cost carrier, Southwest Airlines.

The debate, however, is not about price.

It is about health and allergies, and when the courts get a hold of this as those who have filed for lawsuits move forward, I think the health arguement will win the day.

I have no allergies so there is nothing personal about this. But I have seen people walk into a room where there is a cat and go into a spasim of sneezing and hacking.

For many the reaction is more serious causing difficulties in breathing.

A person buys a ticket and has no way of knowing if a pet will be on board.

Will the airlines take a booking and then inform every passenger a pet is going to be under one of the seats.

Does the pet owner even have to inform the airline in advanced or can they make the decision to take their pet at the last minute and pay the fee at the gate.

These become complicated issues, and I do feel for people who want to protect their pets from the horrors of a baggage compartment.

The courts, I suggest, will rule in favour of protecting the rights of a person for a healthy environment.

We will watch the arguments unfold.