In my most recent blog I pointed out that U.S. airlines alone had collectively taken in almost 8 billion dollars in one year on those irritating extra charges, found on an accounting line as ancilliary fees.

Not being satisfied with those numbers, in a never ending quest to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, once again the brain trust in management at an American carrier has found another way to add to the bottom-line revenues.

There is just no end to the creativity of these executives. Fortunately, no other airline has yet followed the lead of Spirit Airlines in this not-so-innovative revenue scheme.

If you want to bring your carry-on aboard a Spirit Airlines flight you better plan and pay ahead.

The very first bag you choose to carry on will not only cost you, but you need to tell them ahead of time online or you will pay more than the first rediculous charge. The penalty for preplanning (i.e.letting them know in advance online) will only be $30 per bag.

However, if you show up at the boarding gate without having paid ahead, you will pay an extra $15 per bag. Forty Five dollars on top of your fare to have one carry on piece of luggage. Spirit Airlines is the first to introduce this charge but lack of protest will ensure that not only is it here to stay, but others will follow as well.

All of us as consumers are not only angry but frustrated and confused having to spend time checking each carrier’s rules beforehand to plan your luggage strategy.

Will you have to pay for your first checked-in bag? Will you have a weight overage if you check in the bag you were going to carry on in addition to what you might have checked in?

It is really getting obscene in the airline world as they send nutjobs to work out ways of obliterating the concept of loyalty completely.