When Irish discount airline Ryanair floated the idea of charging to go to the bathroom on their flights, most of us thought they could not be serious.

Surely this was a feeble attempt at bathroom humour, contrasting some of the rediculous new irritating charges airlines were introducing against the ultimate extreme concept of pay toilets on aircraft.

A few months later they came back with the concept more serious than the first thrust into the marketplace.

Since we may eventually see that happen by Ryanair, and of course the others will always follow the dumbest idea on the marketplace as quickly as possible, I thought I might add my own ideas to make sure they can maximize revenue.

Firstly they should charge for the time we spend in the washroom. The longer you stay, the more you pay.

Some people just take way to long in the can. Let’s make it fair. The longer you stay the more you pay.

If you want to take extra time to apply makeup ladies you will need to recognize that beauty has a price.

If you wash your hands their certainly should be a charge for each paper wipe, and since some foreign countries already have attendents who expect a tip for the wads of toilet paper they hand you, surely we can expect to pay by the sheet as well up in the air.

And it pains me to go to this extreme, but a declaration before hand of Number 1 or Number 2 is fair to everyone and the airline can make extra dollars that can cover the clean up afterwards.

I am hoping that at least one airline executive will recognize my brilliance at finding new revenue generating options and hire me as their lavatory consultant.

I will on work for a percentage of the drop so to speak. But they likely have their own ideas.