Alaska Airlines pilot Bob Duncan had a problem.



He had a back problem and and sleep deprivation from driving back and forth 31/2 hours to work for his crazy shifts up north.



Bob expressed the frustration he was feeling this way. “I had to find way to get some real, deep, sleep on that flight home so I wouldn’t drive off the road, asleep at the wheel. Being a big guy at 6’1” 230 lbs, it was no easy task finding a way to sleep. I tried everything, row of empty seats, using every pillow on the plane (I once used 25 pillows interwoven with blankets on a row of 3 empty seats and I still couldn’t get real deep sleep).



One time out of total frustration, I took 11 pillows and stuffed them behind me in my lumbar and upper back area. I immediately started to slide forward and had to use the seat belt to hold (harness) me in place. Two hours later I woke up.



Until that point I have never slept over twenty minutes on a commute home. I knew I had something. The only problem was, my head had flopped over on one side and I had a killer headache because of it.”



Bob got angry and put his frustration into an invention. He started working with all kinds of inflatables to make a product that was lightweight, small, and use a material that wouldn’t “sweat”.



He invented the 1st Class Sleeper.



With just 10 to 11 deep breaths of air (about 10% of total capacity) you will be supported from just below your belt-line to the top of your head. Your head can never “flop” over again. It can only move as if you were laying on your pillow at home.



The 1st Class Sleeper helps prevent back problems and by air or car is an ingenius invention.



Journeys was the first store to bring it into Canada about 4 years ago. I have “blown” this product up so many times to demonstate how easy it is to do.



This demonstration almost always leads to a sale…and favorable comments afterwards.



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