Given the fact that most of the time we travel we really don’t spend all that much time in the room, is it really worth the extra price of so called higher rated hotels?

Each to his or her own, but there is a difference, and it most often it can be measured in the sleep you are likely to get.

In a recently released consumer report, the survey results revealed that budget hotels, for the most part, received low scores for value, upkeep, and ease of checking in and out.

More importantly was the greater number of complaints about bedding.

Higher star rated hotels, which usually are associated with strong quality brands, demand that their franchisees maintain a high standard of beds and mattresses.

With all the other frills you may get in these quality related brands, it is the good night sleep that keeps clients coming back. And to many that is worth a little more, and to some a lot more.

While bedbugs has become a growing epidemic not just confined to budget hotels, the risk of ending up in a room with these biting pests is much higher in the lowest priced properties.

It is also important to note categories when going to foreign countries.

Star rating systems are not universal no matter what the properties try to tell you. Make sure you look for a couple of reviews if you decide to take a budget property overseas.

You may end up with the best bargain the universe has ever known, or a tale of a horror story that lasted because no one would return the advance monies you paid by booking on line.

And booking on line is a story for an entirely different column, considering some of the disaster zones some readers have found themselves in recently.