A study drawn from figures released by the united States Department of Commerce shows that visits by Americans to Europe are down 5.9 percent already this year.

Part of it was because of the Volcanic Ash that resulted in cancelled trips and a change in enthusiasm towards future bookings, but it is more than that.

The economic recovery in the US may be on but many ordinary people who might have travelled are still somewhat gunshy about major travel expenditures.

While the 5% plus figure looks big it is actually more than 12% down from 2 and 3 years ago.

The Greek bailout from potential bankruptcy along with its protests and fears of other Euro countries being in similar circumstances have also had a negative impact on travel decision.

So what does all that mean to us.

look at the current state of the Euro. It is fighting not to be at par with the US greenback.

Hotels are offering amazing discounts, and tour operators are falling over themselves to fill their quotas.

Air Fares are not yet down to where they could be but there are some bargains out there to be found.

Book now and save should be the mantra.

These opportunities are likely to last through next year so planning a Europe holiday could be a worthwhile option for most travellers.

Europe is still a favorite destination for most North Americans who feel they haven’t been able to afford travel. So bargain pricing may be just the motivator to rebuild the trend.

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