It is correct that some have expressed concern about the security measures cruise lines have in place to prevent terrorism.

But Carnival Cruise Lines over-reaction with their new statements regarding banned products is nothing short of bad public relations.

In a statement that is completely devoid of clarity they suggest that laptop computers, hair straighteners, cell phones and a list of other everyday use products may be ok to take aboard…or maybe not.

Some innocuous statement about how they should be used leads one nowhere. Presumably they are worried about some form of bombing device being planted in one of the appliances.

It seems to me installing similar equipment as exist at airports with the wands that can identify improper materials should be installed.

That is clarity. What Carnival lists as uses for the equipment which could cause them to confiscate on boarding or at any point during the cruise is patently rediculous.

Carnival persons. Please get serious and provide communications that gives us confidence that you know what you are doing.