Many years ago that was the perception of Americans who travelled around the world.

Somewhere over the decades the image may have stayed but the reality changed. In my opinion Americans are some of the most pleasant tourists travelling these days.

Sure there are vestiges of the past, but few and far between, and no worse than from any other touring nation.

Now a recent survey in Russia has found that Germans are the worst of the worst, followed by Ukrainians and the British.

I am Ukrainian…mind you a third generation Canadian Ukrainian, but it still hurts to think ‘my people’ are abrupt and rude.

I guess the truth hurts more often than we like to think.

I haven’f found that to be true overall of Germans when they travel but I can’t say I have encountered that many on my Journeys.

But the biggest problem I have is the source of the survey.

I have seen so many rude Russian travellers. It’s like new wealth has suddenly made them think they are the superpower, individual by individual.

So perhaps all countries have their share of asses, and at the same time a majority of nice people.

I would love your comments and I will post my own survey results on Twitter and Facebook, as well as this blog.

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