We arrived at the airport about 1pm this afternoon.

We are driven downtown by one of the conference organizers of SKAL, an International hospitality organization I belong to. He acts as our tour guide giving us a lay of the land and recommending places to visit beyond the city one we have seen the sights here.

As we drive up to the Chateau Frontenac, perched on a major hillside overlooking the St Lawrence River, I am struck by the power of the structure and its sense of history in this even older historic city.

It’s still present history in buildings and landscape have had it designated an United Nations Heritage City.

This truly is an amazing hotel, modern but overflowing with the memories of days gone by where the rich and famous, as they still do flooded this city.

An hour later, after we have a chance to unpack a bit and freshen up, we are sitting in an outdoor patio of a traditional restaurant. Because it is a late lunch we don’t go crazy with French cuisine.

My wife Rae has a simple Caesar salad, but I cannot come to Quebec without having a smoked meat sandwich.

Believe me you can buy smoked meat sandwiches around the world, but I guarantee you they don’t taste as good as those created in this province.

We have a free day tomorrow so we have rented a car to head out to the Island of Orleans and beyond.

Tonight we will dine French style…and I will report on our discovery.