It just keeps getting worse.

The group that essentially caused the shut down of the airport a few months ago are getting into the middle of the confrontation, demanding military action be taken against the Red Shirts.

The Yellow Shirts seem to represent the elite and the status quo, while the Red Shirts come from impoverished countrysides.

More bullets are heard and violence, while still in check, seems to be spreading.

We are on the edge of a powder keg.

There are now many thousands involved. The downtown shopping district is without tourists who drive that economy. And no one seems ready to back down.

Any support for the Red Shirt cause from the downtown business community is gone as shops are either totally shut down or void of buyers, local or foreign.

The atmosphere is tense and becoming moreso, even as the military has for the most part stayed as cool as can be expected.

As stated in a previous blog the Red Shirts have tried to keep it a firm but peaceful protest.

Like any powderkeg it only takes one small spark to set the whole keg blazing.

The next few days, or hours, are critical