Since airlines decided to stop serving meals, and charging for food on board aircraft, people, and most often families for whom saving a few bucks is important, have started crating on entire banquets themselves.

Now I understand and sympathize with this for the most part. But please, must we bring on hot food imprisoned in plastic zip bags, which when opened emit an odor that fills the cabin.

I have a Ukrainian background, so I know some of my foods, like cabbage and garlic, can sent peoples nostrils reeling. Believe me I love just about every ethnic food out there.

But some of the spices can force a person to take cover when suddenly released on to an unsuspecting passenger.

Welcome to modern times. Is it possible we can thing of others when packing our lunch and dinner.

Most sandwiches are tasty and don’t cause people to look for a quick exit at 30,000 feet.