Most people never read the fine print of their travel insurance policies until they need to make a claim.

Now that thousands are likely to be approaching their insurance companies to make claims they are finding out a few facts.

Do policies even cover acts of god like Volcanoes? There appears to be no problem with this.

How about re-imbursement for the entire amount I have lost?

Well that depends on how much coverage you actually paid for when you booked the trip. Many people short fall the amount of coverage to save a few dollars.

What do you need to do now that you can’t get on the aircraft to get to your holiday destination in Europe?

Well you better get a written acknowledgement from your airline that they could not transport you. The news reports are not enough and even though it sounds obvious you need to get that before you can even start processing your claim.

After having gone through the experience I have come to realize that there should be a just in case line on every ticket and document that reads, know your insureance.