Westjet Airlines, after a couple of hiccups, has finally introduced its new concept for reward points exclusively on their own.

They terminated, then re-instated their agreement with AirMiles, as they struggled to come up with the right mix for their own program.

I think the extra planning was worth it.

Don’t confuse me with the details must have been one of their planning criteria. They have managed to come up with a plan that is absolutely simple.

Book your trips and receive points that convert easily to straigtforward cash when you want to use them later.

Book on their credit cards, the points go into the program and you can use them as cash as well. No blackouts, no blocking from sale and promotion fares, just straitforward cash.

The only limit is the $500 maximum on booking for their package vacation tour operator division Westjet Vacations.

It’s fair, it’s simple, and you are not going to be hit with the nickle and dime extra charges currently being attached to Aeroplan and Airmiles points bookings.

A tip of the hat to Westjet…Thinking of their customers as real people who have the capabiltiy of thinking and seeing throught the BS of others.