As I was shaving this morning I heard the announcement on the news. A volcano had erupted in Iceland spewing ash high into the atmosphere.

I am leaving for Venice in a couple of hours via Toronto and Frankfurt. That certainly seems far from Iceland.

The taxi has CJOB on and I hear that the ash is affecting air travel to London, England…But what does that have to do with me.

We board the flight, land uneventfully in Toronto, and make our way to the International departure area.

This is just after noon Toronto time and our flight is to depart at 1730 hours (5:30pm).

We are warned the flight might not go but the monitors still show it will leave on time.

I am hosting a cruise out of Venice so I am feeling some apprehension. Every 20 minutes or so I phone the office or they email me on the CrackBerry.

At 2:30, exactly 3 hours before our scheduled departure, we are told the flight is cancelled and AC does not know when we will get on since the other flights are already booked.

Air Canada gives us a one night accomodation and a couple of meals but state no matter how long we are stuck in Toronto, that is it for compensation.

I get on the phone to AC reservations…And here I encounter the person Air Canada is supposed to be all about.

Obvously under huge stress with thousands of travellers pouring out their problems, Roxanne is an exceptional breath of fresh air.

Air Canada needs to track her down and make her a supervisor.

She kept working and working looking for alternatives that, if I could not make it to Venice for the departure, would get me to the first port the ship would be stopping in.

I do have a new reservation. It will not get us to Italy on time for our scheduled departure but I will be on board no more than one day later.

In the meantime she is telling me about the notes she is posting on my file.

This may be a bad situation but it shows how one dedicated employee can make a huge difference.

I will never meet Roxanne to thank her. I will try to forward a note, to whomever, to praise Roxanne with the hope it gets back to her.

And I will hope an earlier flight opens up to allow us to greet our guests as near on time as possible.