Think about it.

Weeks before you travel overseas your passport information and other personal information is being research by authorities in the country you will visit, particularly if one of those countries is either the United States or England.

In a few months there will not be a major airport which will not have a scanner that will examine our bodies in the minutest details.

Your emails are monitored if certain words like terrorist, or bomb show up in them.

Even your voice can be monitored from space and your movements are relatively easy to follow if you are anyones focus of attention.

We have lost our freedoms in the name of security.

Most will say if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

For the most part I have followed that premise, but at a certain point you really begin to feel we are in a future world already which will be able to monitor our opinions and votes and thinking to the point we become group thinks to the ultimate extreme.

I love to travel so I will continue to willingly expose everything about myself. None of us want to see a repeat of 9/11, or even mini terrorist activity.

And I know some of this spying on people has prevented attacts.

let us hope the day comes when we really can be free again.

Do you sometimes think we live in a totalilarion country.