Death in the streets is not good for tourism. And even though the protests have not affected most parts of the capital city, tourists are virtually fleeing the city.

Perhaps with expecially good reason considering the last protests ended up in a closed airport.

The people who are leaving is one thing, but the bigger impact that is taking place in originating destinations around the world is a massive rush to cancell airline and hotel reservations.

While we celebrate New Years Day in January, this is the period for New Year celebrations in Thailand. It is already estimated travel will be down close to 5%.

But the big hit comes with those cancellations I referenced.

Up to 25% of tourist generated revenues are now at serious risk. If protests get worse that drop will be even worse.

This is a country, and Bangkok in particular a city, that depends on tourist spending.

The last time around recovery was quick. Fear of a return to violence may make the recovery longer this go round, and years if deaths and distruction excalates.

Presumably tourists could travel to other parts of the country that are unaffected, but that won’t happen since the experience usually starts or ends in Bangkok.

Conflict brings poverty and peace creates prosperity in the world of tourism.