I am not all that fussy about where I stay most of the time.

Like everyone I appreciate luxury, but I consider myself lucky to be able to travel the way I do so if I end up in a hotel that is not so mult-starred, it doesn’t bother me.

But have quit a two plus pack a day happen many years ago, I cannot stay long in a smoke filled room, car, or bar.

I really thought smoking rooms were a thing of the past in Canada. Certainly not Asia, Europe, or even America. But in Canada I thought they went the way of the dinos.

Tonight thanks to Air Canada we have been put up at a property near the airport.

The only reason I am not mentioning the brand is because it is not all that bad a place…but for the fact we are in a room that reeks of smoke. There are no windows to open to let in fresh air, and this really is exceptionally acrid.

I in no way blame AC. They have put up so many people this night that this and I suspect other properties are completely full.

But tomorrow night if we are still here (in Toronto), we definitely will not be here at this hotel, or at least not in this room.

Can you hear me hacking and croaking?