It happened quickly on Wednesday. Seemingly without warning Skyservice Airlines has passed away into aviation history.

For those closest to them, the travel agents and consumers who booked or traveled with them, the end seemed to come suddenly, without any early signs of ailment.

But below that brightly painted skin there had been pain and suffering known only to a few.

Air Transat, Canada’s genuine two official languages airline, was slowing usurping Skyservice strength in Western Canada.

Skyservice, in some ways was not well liked by many. The entered the market by crowding their would be friends into the smallest of spaces, until protests convinced them to give up some leg room for those who came to their parties.

This early stinginess lived with them as a cancer for most of their existence. It may be one of the reasons Transat was able to push them around in the West.

The cruelest blow may have come from their most loyal friend, Signature Vacations.

Signature Vacations married the new young suitor in Canada, Sunwing Holidays, that brought with them an entire family of aircraft.

Once the marriage was consumated, Sunwing adeptly took over the family finances and family planning.

There simple was not room for any three ways in this committed relationship, and Skyservice was told to stop hanging around, because they had no future in the new household.

Economic circumstances outside were not helpful, but it did search for another dancing partner.

For a short period of time Thomas Cook, an established entrepreneur who kept Sunquest under his watchful wing, entered into a dating arrangement of some kind, even supporting the failing Skyservice with significant resources for a while.

But Skyservice had gotten itself into so much trouble that it seemed not able to excercise responsibility, even if it wanted to do so.

So the Wednesday morning of March 31, 2010, Skyservice Airlines, bankrupt and broken, having given up all hope for survival, died of a knife to the heart.

Left behind are several hundred employees who really cared. Left stranded were several thousands of Canadians who, after learning of the passing, could only hope for a new and quick saviour.

Replacements came quickly to the rescue. Skyservice will be remembered by many as someone who tried hard, but like others before it, could not make it through the dangers of the ‘survival of the fittest jungle’ in which it tried to compete.

It’s epitath may well read, Here Lies Skyservice, With all its Warts it Tried to Be Loved by Everyone, But could not Muster the Strength to Battle the Worst of Storms.