As volcanic ash filled the skies of Europe, the media with its uni-dimensional approach to news, pushed the serious issues facing Thailand aside as they waited for airplanes to start flying again.

As the news comes back to this hotspot of events, governments have broadened their warnings and have officially told travellers to stay away.

The stand off that exists today is extremely concerning.

It has become more and more clear that the government in power is facing a fairly significant popular uprising, the extent to which they may not even realize.

There are thousands of protesters now in red shirts, and we donl’t know how many behind them.

The question is will the government, like Iran did recently, resort to mass violence or will they continue to hold to a relatively calm approach.

And relatively is an appropriate discripter as a number of deaths have occured and the situation is very tense, with both sides not holding to the original philosopy.

I take no sides in what is taking place in Thailand.

I am not on the ground and certainly wasn’t when the last elections took place.

At the present time the economy is in shambles.

If government forces give way to violence, in my mind there is no question given the numbers of protesters that there would be hundreds of deaths, and the country would become a powder keg for years as the red shirts went underground and resorted to their own violence.

Yet there is some feeling that a new legitamate election could see a change in power, and it is my experience and observation, that people in power will do almost anything to keep it.

And in a country whose democracy may be up to some questions, the results can be frightening.

Seeing the coverage has made me genuinely sad. I know how much Thailand depends on tourism, and once again, it is the ordinary people, the little people as they are so often called who will fade back into poverty as their society unravels for at least a decade before it turns around.

Let us all hope for sane heads and minds to emerge out of this