There has been a different kind of pressure being applied by airlines this weekend.

As Europe remains shut down, it seems the airline companies are suggesting that the skies should be opened up again to flights.

On executive, as though to prove how safe the skies were, went up alone with a pilot and came back announcing there had been no damage done to the aircraft.

I find this an unusual approach.

It is the airlines who always preach about placing safety first.

The financial impact is enormous on everyone. The desire to get back to normal is expected, but everyone needs to be sure we are indeed safe from circumstances which could affect just one aircraft whose engines clog and force the plane into a tragic tailspin.

We have a travel agency, and we also are suffering from the massive closures over the past few days.

But I want to feel 100% secure when I put my clients back in the air on the way to Europe, that they are going to get their safely.

Another day, two, or three, will hurt; but we will all get through it better knowing we did the right thing.