In 2 days, theoritically at least, I will be hosting a group aboard the SilverSea Silver Wind out of Venice.

As I scan the web for information no one appears to be writing anything positive about immediate possibilities for flight resumptions.

I suspect that any number of Canadians and Americans scheduled for the same cruise, are wondering what is in store for them and their contemplated vacation.

My thoughts are conflicted.

Neither I nor my guests that I will be hosting care that much about the cruise to risk our safety. It is easy to buy into the collective wisdom of the worlds biggest airlines throwing themselves into chaos to ensure the safety of their clients, and the protection of their aircraft.

At the same time I wonder about rescheduling through more southern routes. Rome airport remains open.

Get me to Rome and I will train, plane, or automobile it to Venice.

The aircraft are sitting on the ground anyway. Let’s use them.

In the meantime, in the hours I should be sleeping, I will continue to browse the web looking for good news, as though my extra attention will somehow make it happen.

And that my friends is the life of a travel junkie.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog report as this situation gets resolved, which will be hour by hour report of the mindset of this passenger going through this experience from beginning to end.