Hosted Cruises are very common as a promotion with radio stations.

Usually it is one of the on-air personalities who will act as the host on a particular journey, most often a cruise that has significant attraction to a broad base.

In the past I and my wife have hosted such cruises. We have really enjoyed meeting and travelling with the people who chose to join us. And I have asked a lot of questions to ascertain why so many people choose hosted or excorted cruises.

There is a difference between a hosted and escorted cruise.

Often the escort will also be a part of the guiding experience while a hosted trip most often means that the hosts are a greater part of the social experience and do little or no guiding as such.

You seldom find these kinds of trips to land based all-inclusive destinations. But for cruises, there are many that are offered around Europe especially, but also for other major itineraries throughout the world.

While the costs of these offerings are competitively priced, to entice bookings a free cocktail party and complimentary excursion are often included. This makes the value added benifits very enticing as well.

Good hosts will most often spend time with the guests beyond the two above meetings.

While giving the guests leeway to do what they wish, the hosts will often dine with the people travelling with them, and enjoy their company even more should they happen to be travelling together on optional excursions.

Hosted trips are really beneficial for inexperienced travellers. There is a decided level of comfort knowing you can always approach your host with questions or concerns.

Mike McIntyre, who is the host for the cross canada radio show Crime and Punishment, has hosted a number of these with his wife Chassedy.

When you read or hear the comments afterward, it is easy to understand how a good host relates to the people who have chosen to travel with them.

For their 6th annual cruise, they have chosen a Hawaiian Islands cruise itineray on Princess Cruises. It will sail from January 28, 2010 to February 12 2011.

As always they will have many repeat passengers going with them. In fact it was in consultation with his repeat clients that this particular sailing was selected.

The cruise my wife and I will be on out of Venice in two weeks is one which we host on a Silverseas vessel.

We love it and the passengers seem to like it a lot as well.

Our sailing is full but if you are interested in the McIntyre’s round trip sailing you can call 1 (800) 859-6354 which is Renaissance Travel, the sister company to Journeys Travel and Leisure SuperCentre or go on line a email a message from

This really wasn’t meant to be a sales pitch but if your are interested in such a cruise, I can’t think of couple I would recommend more for a first time hosted experience.