So often people waive the purchase of travel insurance. It is an expensive product and I understand why people would prefer not to add that expense to their travel budget.

But so often I have seen it happen. An accident occurs thousands of miles from home and sometimes the person is out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Insurance Associatian has a vested interest but what they point out is correct.

Here is what the Travel Health Insurance Association has to say…And it is important advice.

Important facts to consider for Canadians who elect not to purchase supplemental travel emergency medical insurance:

Canadian Provincial Health Insurance Plans, such as OHIP, RAMQ do not make direct payments to out-of-country hospitals, doctors or clinics

In-patient hospitalization is reimbursed at varying rates, depending on the Provincial Health Plan in effect for that consumer and can range from $200.00 to $400.00 per day for in-patient or intensive care, however, the cost of these services in Cuba exceeds these amounts

Wait times for reimbursement by the Provincial Health Plans varies by province, but ranges between 90 days and 18 months

Provincial Plans do not cover the cost of ground ambulance in Cuba or evacuation back to Canada by commercial airline or air ambulance

Many outpatient clinics and lab services, or other incidental charges related to out-of-country emergency medical care are not covered by the Provincial Health Plans

Therefore, it is wise and strongly recommended that travelers buy supplemental private travel health insurance before leaving Canada. To imply otherwise provides a disservice to Canadian travelers , who may end up with significant unwanted costs.

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