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A couple of months ago there was a big announcement from the Cuban Tourist Authorities.

Anyone who was going to Cuba would have to have medical insurance by May 1, 2010 or they would be denied entry.

They also said that only approved insurance companies would be able to supply this insurance.

There was a huge scramble of confusion and frustration as travel agents tried to figure out what they should be selling to their clients.

Insurance companies wondered if they would be on the list.

So today an announcement from Sunwing and Signature Vacations states that the only thing we will need is our provincial health card. No supplementary insurance will be required.

At first this looked like a Cuban money grab. But now it looks like bureaucratic incompetence.

Since the United States citizens, unless under special circumstances, are not allowed to go to Cuba, and most other countries, like Canada have public insurance, to whom was this policy directed.

Cuba is an interesting place to visit. And Canadians flock to the island every winter in droves.

Let us hope some heads roll on this ill fated announcement and we don’t have to face such rediculous and ill planned announcements in the future.