It really has become a shameful display!

The world airlines, and IATA, the association to which they all belongs and who speaks for them with a collective voice, has hurled accusations suggesting at Europeon politicians.

They are suggesting that essentualy the political bodies of Europe were incompetent in keeping planes on the ground while ash was floating around the air, keeping passengers like me from getting to our destinations.

Even the heads of the two biggest charter tour operators jumped into the fray. Both heads of TUI and Thomas Cook accused the governing bodies of not being on top of the situation and said Britons should not have had to stay on the ground for 6 days.

At the same time the president to the International Air Pilots Association issued a release that pilots should only fly again based on safety, not financial, considerations.

Are they suggesting here that their bosses, the airline companies, may be exerting undue pressure to fly before they should. It seems so doesn’t it.

There is a lot that can and will be learned from this volcanic eruption that interrupted the travel plans of thousands and thousands like myself.

But now is not the time for blame. It is a time for a coordinated effort to understand what may have been done better for the next time.

And there will be a next time, and unless these bodies change their tone of communications, nothing will be learned and it could actually be worse the next go round.