Yes it would have been a cruise to remember.

Departing from Venice, our port stops included Dubrovnik, Pula, Olympia, Korfu, and Sicily, just to name a few. Yes I am sorry we got grounded by the volcanic ash like thousands of others.

My wife haad never been to either the Falls or Niagara on the Lake, so she really looked forward to the trip with a lot of anticipation.

At first it looked like rain might ruin the day, like rising and faling ash had ruined our bigger journey.
But as we drove, the drops became fewer, and by the time we reached Niagara Falls they had completely stopped.
It was not a warm day, but we were able to totally enjoy ourselves, enthralled in themajesty of a scene that has brought millions of tourists to Canada over the years.
It is still a honeymoon capital of the world.
After driving aroudn the streets behind and above the Falls, we concluded that it was too glitzy for on that day.
We have been to a wax musuem, ripleys, Guinness Records, adn all the brand identities that find their way to bring in visitors to most major tourist attractions around the world.

We wound our way on the quieter backroads to Niagara on the Lake, passing vineyards and fruit orchards, whose blossoms would only tease us as they waited for the warmer weather to create the day Ontarioins call Blossom Sunday.
As we enter Niagara on the Lake, my wife really does get excited about the heritage nature of the buildings, and the sense of calm and serenity they seem to communicate.
We walk up and down the main street for several hours. We enjoy lunch and an ice cream, even though it really was too cold to enjoy walking around with the frozen cone.
We buy a few items (well perhaps more than a few) in the shops and work our way back to the QEW highway by driving along Lakeshore Road, a scenic but emotional drive for me having lived there for a period of time in my early 20’s
I have been lucky!
I have travelled through many parts of tthis great country called Canada. And while I would have preferred to have been in Europe this time, I am pleased for the discovery my wife made, as we opened the doors to another wonderful piece of this exceptional nation.
Like always, whenever I go to a place, whether I have been there before or not, I always wonder when I will be back. And hope I can fullfill the promise to myself that I will return.