It was going to be a big wedding tonight in Toronto with relatives coming from England. The bride was so close to that family.

They will not make it.

A seniors group were set for the cruise of a lifetime, some of whom had never travelled overseas.

That trip is cancelled.

The high school band was scheduled to play at a war memorial in France.

They are taking the packing tape off their instruments.

Others would have made it home on time for other major celebrations but they will just wish they could have been there.

These all may be small in relation to the big picture of ruin and chaos caused by the Iceland volcanic eruption, but they are the real stories that give weather the power to control.

But putting all this in perspective, this event will cost millions of dollars, but unlike Haiti, China, and other places where natural disasters have taken place, the cost in human lives will be small.

And for that we should be grateful!