A few weeks ago I received a comment concerning the potential harm that can be caused by radiation from the new body scanning equipment.

A local doctor, Dr. Gifford-Jones expressed his concern to a reporter and it received a fair bit of coverage, at the same time bringing fear to some people who would have to pass through the scanners to travel.

For me personally, while I respect Dr Gifford-Jones position and others who make similar arguments, particularly as it relates to frequent travelers, it does not change my views on the subject.

I believe we will continue to be challenged with security breaches, which may prove more tragic than the last one was. As a result I still prefer that maximum means to protect travelers be taken. Concerns are extremely valid, and many will prefer the pat down method, but so will the bad guys. That frightens me!

Many of these are personal decisions, and while I don’t have huge confidence in bureaucracies, I somehow don’t think a United States or Canadian government is going to subject is citizenry to death by cancer to prevent death by terrorism.

I accept that study should be on-going to research the facts. In the meantime I will acknowledge everyone’s right to reject the scanner in favour of a pat down…at least until the next terrorist tragedy.