In all the focused publicity surrounding the halting of flights and grounding of thousands because of the volcanic eruption, as usual, other world events have gone underreported.

But there is still a significant standoff between the protester red shirts, and government officials in that country.

They have been trying to stop gasoline from reaching the airport without success but it brings to mind the dissruption that occurred the last time that facility was closed.

They are also protesting in parts of downtown Bangkok.

At the present time the word is stand-off with no overt violence taking place at this time.

The government is being cautious. They do not know the degree to which there is country wide support for what the Red Shirts are defining as a popular uprising.

Travellers should be wary of the areas they visit but it is such a huge country, and Bangkok such a huge city, that it should be easy to avoid those areas.

Exercise caution and get out into the countryside as soon as possible. It is an amazing country to visit.