There is no official warning from the government to stay away from Bangkok, even after several days of violent protests.

This is strange considering the usual overly conservative approach the government usuall takes on these matters when there are any signs of instability.

But these protests, like those of the recent past, are geographically concentrated.

Most of the protests of the Red Shirts, the group that feels that new elections must be called immediately, are concentrated around Government House, the Supreme Court and the Parliament Buildings.

Our government clearly states these areas should be avoided as well as the areas around the Ratchaprasong intersection and the Democracy monument.

I was in Bangkok around the time of the last protests. I actually left Bangkok just a week before the airport was closed.

I understand why our government has not broadened its warning.

Even as protests were taking place the shopping and tourist areas seemed to carry on oblivious of what the protesters and Thai government troops and authorities were doing.

Unfortunatley I see no immediate end to the discord which has lead to the more recent deaths and injuries.

I fear the coming weeks will bring more havoc.

I long to return to that country. It is an exceptional country to visit, and while Bangkok can be a bit of a zoo at times it is also a fascinating city to visit.

I would go back now, knowing what I experienced the last time as the protests were taking place. But I will be the first to go back and be extremely happy to report when I feel a permanent period of calm has returned.