There is no peace in Bangkok and other regions in Thailand these days.

I am a raving fan about that country and it causes me pain to see the demonstrations turning violent.

A Japanese journalist was killed in today’s protests, the ultimate sign that this is not going to resolve itself quickly.

There are points we need to take into account.

Tourists, so far, have been able to avoid the protests.

When the last protests erupted the Bangkok airport was closed and travellers had to wait or be transported to other airports in order to leave the country..

But on thing needs to be remembered. The only tourist causualty was not from the protests but rather from a vehicle accident as a person was being taken to another international airport.

The protesters are not targeting tourists and have been very specific in their agenda to creat new elections immediately.

While this situation is not likely to pass quickly the Canadian government to this moment, has not issued an official warning not to go to the city. There are official warnings against travel to a number of provinces.

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