Everyone wants a resolution to the Thai crisis that is killing the economy in the downtown shopping districts of Bangkok especially, as well as the rest of the country to a large degree.

Why can’t it be resolved. Because there is no compromise position.

The Red Shirts will only be satisfied with a new election that is called now. This is not likely to happen. Power is never that easily given up…especially under duress.

At the same time the Red Shirts feel more and more confident each day as their ranks swell with supporters.

They genuinely feel they are leading a popular revolution.

Westerners should keep something in mind.

While there have been people killed in the protests, by and large, they have been peaceful.

The government sofar, for any number of reasons, has recognized a full scale assault will not solve the problem, and could lead to a violent underground.

Each day we are fearful of a change in strategy.

The Red Shirts also recognize a violent turn of events might lose some of the popular support they have.

And outside of the capital city, life goes on pretty much as normal except for the tourism driven economics that are so integral to the countries rich physical and historical attractions.

People are still travelling to Thailand. The government warnings have only related to specific areas of Bangkok in regards to this particular series of protests.

Each day I look to report some positive progress, which even though the one side or the other will suggest there has been some, for the most part it has just been wishful thinking.