It is not often one gets to go through the frustrations the clients of our travel agency clients experience every now and then.

It really is a kind of hell.

While we know we can get to Frankfurt, if the airport opens, the last leg of the trip is in more doubt.

My Brother in law and sister, who were going to be going on the cruise with us, left Winnipeg early Friday morning, changed planes in Toronto, got to Montreal to connect to their overseas flights to Zurich and Italy, and found out their Zurich flight was cancelled just as they got off the plane.

Swiss Air said the best they could do, if there were no more closures was about a week later.

They took the next flight back to Winnipeg and will try to create a miracle tomorrow.

That sounds doubtful and our own hopes are not high.

I think of our clients grounded by snowstorms, hurricanes, and other forces of nature to go through what we have been going through over the past 40 hours.

You plan and dream. You save and research. And your excitment mounts when the day finally arrives.

To have the adventure shot down quite frankly sucks, and I empathize with those who went through this frustration before me.

We will hang on tomorrow and enjoy a drive out to Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake.

It will be a good diversion but my gut is telling me that it is Winnipeg where we will be spending the next two weeks and not Europe.