On my radio show and on this blog, I have had occasion to blast Air Canada.

My frustration is seldom at the front line employees but at some of the bonehead management decisions the airline has made.

While it is easiest to criticize and complain, it is tremendous to be able to praise people for their exceptional efforts under exceptional circumstances.

So long as the Frankfurt airport opens on Monday I will be on my flight to Venice, but getting there late for my cruise designated boarding day.

I am making arrangements to join the cruise ship late but still trying to find a flight out earlier.

Yesterday it was Roxanne at the Air Canada call centre that proved to be an absolute star.

Today it was a woman named Myrella.

She was phoning all over the place to arrange connections and has me on stand-by for one now.

They all are under huge pressure over there as everyone absolutely NEEDS to get to their destination.

These two ladies non only are holding up under the pressure, but Air Canada should be proud of them because they are creating loyalty with every phone call.