Every now and then a simple idea gets turned into an amazing new travel product.

Such is the case with the the recently introduced VinniBag. It may sound like a bit of a strange name, but if you like to travel with wine, other liquids or fragile items in your checked in luggage, this is an amazing product innovation.

“VinniBag is a reusable package with inflatable air chambers that protect and insulate its contents” as their literature states.

This protective bag really works and is easy to store in your luggage empty because it is so small when it is not inflated.

It is so simple that it is amazing it has not been introduced in this manner before.

It only takes a minute or two. You first put your bottle or glassware in the bag. Then with a few breaths you inflate the baage. Simply by rolling up the bottom edge you create a tight seal.

A simple buckle mechanism closes it completely and you can tighted it with the strap on the buckle.

It is so easy to deflate by pinching the one-way valve to releas the air.

This product was engineeredd to withstand sinificant fluctuations in altitude and temperature.

While ideal for air travel it will work for glass items that can get bounce around in the trunk of a car, truck or other transportation means.

Check it out. We also have it on the connecting website should you be intersted in purchasing it.

I think this won is going to be a winner. It actually is as it won the new product of the year award at the recent Travel Goods Association trade show in Las Vegas.