Travel Agents across Canada were totally taken unaware with the sudden cease in operations of Skyservice Airlines.

There was no clue whatsoever. And we thought all the tour operators were taken aback as well.

But not all appears to be clear. It seems like Thomas Cook, owner of Sunquest Vacations, was the holder of a 8 million dollar plus loan, and when Skyservice missed a payment, are the ones who petitioned them into receivership.

Did they warn the other tour operators who also flew Skyservice.

At the present time Skyservice seems to have moved the fastest to get aircraft into place to bring stranded clients back.

We don’t know how much they are working with their competitors who also have passengers stranded.

BUT…if they did not share their information, it seems to me that is a regrettable decision…given the black mark a bankruptcy with stranded passengers makes on the industry.

More will unfold and we will keep you informed.