When the surprise announcement came that Sean Duffy was stepping down as Chief Executive Officer, media across Canada jumped to the conclusion that he was being pushed out.

Now it is becoming clear that conclusion was far from the truth. At only 43 years old we don’t expect people to retire from high level positions such as he held.

But as facts emerged we found out that his wife had just gone through a difficult period of health issues.

His children are very young.

And he decided to re-evaluate his priorities.

It’s not often you see chief executives break down as they explain more fully their reasons for departure.

Nor is it often we see the outgoing CEO embrace shoulder around shoulder with the incoming one.

That is the case and I salute Duffy for putting his family first.

He certainly has made enough money and likely has enough Westjet shares to be comfortable for life…or at least until his children are older.

Even though Westjet profits have been lower, Duffy and others are now pointing out that Westjet profits have been far better than industry norms around the world.

Good Luck Sean in the next phase of your life.