Over the past couple of weeks I have watched some very good people get laid off across the country.

As the two organizations become one duplication of jobs become obvious and there is no choice…but many quality people have been put out to pasture or the breadlines, so to speak.

Interestingly, and perhaps as it should be, it is my observation that most of the people given walking papers were from the Signature side.

It was Signature that was losing money millions after millions while Sunwing was the profitable entity.

In the future we will still see both brands being marketed and two brochures. Signature will market the higher end product while Sunwing will push the budget priced properties.

This is currently the strategy of Transat/NOlitours.

Many of the RIU properties, once sold exclusively by the Thomas Cook Group, will now be sold exclusively by the Signature/Sunwing team…with more to come in the future.

Hopefully this merger, or whatever it is being called, will bring some sanity to the marketplace where supply and demand have some meaning.