Every spring and fall some of the best cruise deals are available as cruise lines move either from winter sun destinations to other world itineraries or vice versa.

While a two or three day ocean crossing is always part of the change, the cruise lines have been extremely creative in coming up with excellent last and first ports of call.

They also make sure you get to see a lot with other excellent points included in the itinerary before they reach their final disembarkation port, which will be the embarkation point for cruises over the coming season.

The prices for these repositioniing cruises have always been veru attractive even though a one way flight cost must be added into the budget of the traveller.

The season ahead for cruise lines looks promising. Look at Meditteranean and Alaska pricing alone and you can see they have kept prices low again in order to fill their cabins.

While profits were down on a number of cruise lines last year, they did just fine in a tough economy where other tourist products suffered.

While there may still be some cabins available for repositioning cruises, you likely will have greater success looking ahead to the fall program.

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