Two years ago we virtually stumbled upon this Tuscan property.

Situated in a town called Petroio, it is not easy to stumble upon. Clients of our travel agency had heard from someone else about it and said they raved about the experience.

We put clients there who came back equally enthusiastic.

We tried it when we visited Italy and were impressed by its location away from anything big, in this very small town…which was not far from the many other sites in the Tuscany region.

It was a beautiful property, overlooking orchards and hillsides…and the church where The English Patient movie was filmed.

Now two years later, with our recommendation, my sister and brother in law will stay there after our return from the cruise we are going on together next month.

If your interested contact our travel agency, Renaissance Travel at or call 204 942-5000.

It’s a great place to stay with excellent quality dining. Once again lots of good memories…and I am so glad my sister will soon be there as well.