I got back very early this morning on the Westjet overnight flight.

Westjet does a really good job of taking care of its customers. Their staff banter is fun and they do an excellent on board service.

The Aria was a great place to stay for the first three nights. This new City Centre developement is huge. The architecture of the buildings is unique.

I dined only once at the property itself but the Julian Serranto was excellent…right on the main flool.

It has a casual look but an excellent menu at reasonable prices.

I stayed at the Riviera, which was only 10 minutes walk to the convention centre, on my last there days.

They have put millions into renovations but the economic slowdown has really hit them. Looking for a good room at an unbelievably great price…check them out.

Good comedy club on sight. I went there with a couple of friends and it was a hoot.

I golfed twice at the Badlands Golf Course and it was really excellent.

I will write more about all of the experience…but the I wanted to note my general impressions.

Las Vegas is a long way from recovery. A major federal/state, and private sector initiative was announced yesterday to market the city around the world.

If you have never been to Las Vegas but always wanted to, make the decision to go nowl.

Even the higher priced properties are selling far less than they normally would get.

And the moderate priced properties are so low as to be unbelievable as they count on gambling and food and beverage business to take up the slack.

It is still the show capital of the world and nowhere can you have more fun people watching.

Looking for great food…On the strip or off you have choices from every culture in the world.

Excellent sightseeing nearby…and more shopping now than you have money to spend.

Take advantage now because as the economy goes back up…and it will…prices will never be so attractive.