Driving in European cities can be an adventure. Roundabouts, honking horns, and scooters that zig-zag through traffic are all commonplace so you need to be sure you can handle the stress that comes with a driving environment to which you may be unaccustomed.

Outside the cities, other than in England where you must add driving on the left to your concentration, getting around is relatively easy and similar to here. However many of the counties will require you have an International Drivers’ License. It is easy to get if you already have a valid license.

You should also make sure you have the insurance needed to cover you in the county in which you will be driving. Some countries mandate that you have in-country insurance policies from the car rental company.

When you get your International Drivers’ License you can pick up a brochure showing the various signages you will come across. Study it because many of the symbols are decidedly different from ours and you want to know what they stand for before you come face to face with them at 100 kilometers an hour.

When we went to Italy last year I found driving in most of the country easy. Rome with its roundabouts, bicycles motor bikes, and language differences was quite a handful with extra care and caution always necessary.